Children's Cancer Pavilion

Located at Julie Davis Park in Boise, ID

Children's Cancer Pavilion Ribbon Cutting Ceremony June 6, 2015
Children's Cancer Pavilion Ribbon Cutting Ceremony June 6, 2015

Trevor's Trek Children's Cancer Pavilion
Julia Davis Park - Boise,ID

The Trevor’s Trek Children’s Cancer Pavilion in Julia Davis Park is a place where young cancer survivors can congregate and celebrate the end of their cancer treatment; a sanctuary where they can read, play, enjoy picnics with family and friends; their own HAPPY PLACE.  The dedication for the Children’s Cancer Pavilion was held during Childhood Cancer Awareness month on September 24th, 2010.

Trevor’s Trek Foundation established a personalized walkway which features bronze footprints signifying a child’s steps to survival, two hop-scotch designs made from 12X12 tiles engraved with artwork created by children who have battled cancer and personalized 8X8 tiles that form the picnic table tops.

We are proud to announce that the Children’s Cancer Pavilion is complete!  Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters who made this project possible!  Without you, we would not have this beautiful pavilion dedicated to the battles that children who are afflicted by cancer endure!